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Saxophonix at the Derby Theatre Eagle Awards!

On Sunday the Saxophonix took part in celebrating the arts in Derby by performing at the Derby Theatre Eagle Awards. We were all impressed with the flamboyant outfits on display (especially the Pac Man suit!) and it was a pleasure to watch all of the fantastic acts perform in-between awards.

Hot House Saxophonix made a huge impression on the crowd with a lively set of three songs, ending with the talented musicians walking out into the audience whilst still playing their final piece! When their set was finished the audience shouted for more, however the evening was on a tight schedule , otherwise I’m sure Saxophonix would have played many more songs. Stuart McCrone, the Director of our Derby school, commented on the reception saying ‘The entire atmosphere was electric! Really proud of all the kids for doing a cracking job!’ It is such a pleasure to play for such an enthusiastic audience and we were honoured to receive a standing ovation as we walked off stage.

Next week the Saxophonix are heading to Paris for performances in the city and at Disneyland. It’s all non-stop this summer for everybody’s favourite Saxophone ensemble!

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Saxophonix Announces Exciting Tour to Paris!

The Derby Saxophonix group will be heading to France next month for an action packed musical tour of Paris! Following our recent Hot House trip to Lyon, the CEO of BG Franck Bichon praised the musicians for their ‘generosity and spontaneous energy’, and now the Saxophonix are all very excited to embark on another tour where they can show off their incredible musical skills. This is an excellent opportunity for our wonderful band members to engage in a different culture, broadening their horizons and demonstrating the commitment of Hot House to providing opportunities for young people to learn and grow. Our CEO Jon Eno told us;

‘We are so passionate about giving young people the opportunity to do something special, and we are extremely proud of the commitment, energy and enthusiasm on display everywhere we go’!

The talented young members will be packing their Saxophones and crossing the Channel Tunnel to begin their adventure. When they arrive in Paris they are playing a concert at Park Montsouris, then immediately heading to the south bank of the Seine for a lively street band performance.

After this, the musicians will have earned some well-deserved R&R where they can relax in the hotel and prepare for the next day of performing.

After waking up to a hearty continental breakfast, the Saxophonix will be heading to Disneyland Paris for a full day entertaining the tourists whilst enjoying the theme park’s magical atmosphere. Playing out in the open air is part of what makes the Saxophonix so special, as well as their ability to draw a crowd, they like to make friends wherever they go! There is nothing more exciting than live music, and we can’t wait to share the joy to the people of Paris! Follow their tour #hhontour #saxophonix

Coming soon… Saxophonix to appear at the Darley Park Concert on September 1st 2019

Next year… Saxophonix to tour to the Olympics  2020 as part of their Asian Peninsual tour including Hong King and Singapore.

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Saxophonix at Derby Theatre Eagle Awards

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