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Good things that come from travel...

A few years ago the HHMUSIC team realised that music had the power to make the world a smaller place. By taking our young musicians on inter-continental tours, through music, we were able to introduce them to other cultures whilst exporting our own message of joy and kindness through learning. With that in mind we started to look for “headline” events that would be the perfect cultural occasions to facilitate our mission. Our Hot House Derby director, Stu, had the crazy idea that we should support the British GB olympic team at and after a few phone calls and emails, I am delighted to say that we will be embarking on a tour to Tokyo in 2020.  

We hope to use this opportunity to enrich the lives of 100,000’s of people including some very special #hhmusic students! Watch this space for more details.



Tokyo Olympics

Since our inception in 2002, we have always been a “social interest” company. We care about young people and their right to access inspirational youth music. We strive to give them opportunities to excel and learn about the environments around them, helping them to become brave and resilient people. Each year, we review our corporate social responsibility policy (CSR), this is what helps define our mission and with the tour to Tokyo in 2020 it seemed appropriate to revisit our commitment to the global environment. Our CSR is included in the Policy’s found at the bottom of the website, however, we are delighted to announce that we are going to go one step further. As of today, we will commit to “off-setting” our carbon footprint for any flights we access for our music tours!

HHMUSIC LLP – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

There are four parts to our CSR, these pertain to our commitment towards:

  • Access
  • Nurture
  • Employability
  • Legacy


We believe that every child in the U.K. should have the opportunity to access Hot House Music provision. We commit to offering schools FREE instrumental showcase assemblies with the option for all these students to access a FREE trial music lesson. We are committed to expanding our offering to more regions and wherever possible to providing wider access to Hot House schools

We believe in ensuring that there is gender equality and opportunity across all activities and services. Music has the power to inspire and engage all members of society and it is our responsibility to lead by example and promote opportunity through equality


We strive to create a kind and inspirational learning environment for those children who choose to continue to their journey with Hot House. We commit to creating an equitable environment for both students and staff, free from fear of judgement and based around the concept of requiring joy to learn. As a member of our Hot House Music family we commit to your lifelong well-being and will aspire to support you throughout your time at Hot House and your future through our alumni programme. We encourage all of our students and staff to treat the wider community as mirrors reflecting back their joy, passion and inspiration.

We are a difability company. This means we view disability as a positivity and should always be viewed as differently abled, not disabled!


Whilst students and staff are being nurtured by the Hot House Music family, we commit to introducing them to skills that help them real world work environments. We are committed to helping our community develop these transferable skills, and to realise their potential. We strive to create people who can work both independently and as part of a creative and innovative team. Our mission is to open their eyes to the diverse array of pathways open to them. We commit to making the world a smaller and more tolerant place by introducing our students and staff to a variety of cultures, environments and art through the diverse music that we play and our touring programme. Music is the universal language that glues and brings societies together.


All student and staff are encouraged to be aware of their own personal environment and the wider global environment within which they should be viewed as an equal stakeholder. Upon graduating from Hot House Music, students should feel empowered to challenge injustice and prejudice that they experience in their own personal and work lives. The empathy and kindness that is nurtured and developed whilst with Hot House Music will serve to be guiding factors in their ability to critically evaluate their own decision-making process and legacy. We will lead by example and for all music tours that include flights, we will ensure that we access an appropriate scheme to “off-set” this particular (travel-associated) carbon footprint. As an alumnus, they are charged with maintenance and ownership of their diverse environments including physical and mental, always knowing that they have the support of their Hot House Music family. We commit to, where appropriately qualified we strive to offer work experience, apprentice schema, and full-time employment including Directorships to suitably qualified alumni.

Our inter-continental tours are all part of the Screaming Kicks Gifted & Talented programme!

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