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My name is Grace, and I have just completed a week of work experience with Hot House Music! I am a current Hot House student and am looking at careers in #teaching, so naturally, with everything Hot House deliver it was a great opportunity for me.


I have really enjoyed my week of work experience with Hot house, mainly because of how much I have learnt, done and seen! From individual music #lessons, #ensembles and #WCET (whole class ensemble tuition) to business meetings, this week has been full of exciting and insightful activities. I found this week really useful, especially because I was able to individually talk to each staff member and apprentice about their roles within the company. This included what their #degree/#apprenticeship involves, what made them want to do a #teaching apprenticeship with Hot House and what they enjoy most about their job. Speaking to everyone allowed me to explore the many different routes into teaching and the different elements involved with each pathway.


At the start of the week, I participated in group ukulele and recorder sessions and towards the end of the week I helped with trumpet performances. I found it really fun being in these classroom sessions, as this was the part of Hot House’s education delivery I was least familiar with. 

Additionally, I also observed debut and grade 1 piano lessons, drum lessons and grade 8/diploma level trumpet and soprano lessons. Although I have been having music lessons with Jon for a while, I have never considered the structure of my lessons! However, after this week I have learnt that a music lesson should have a 4-part structure: warm-up, recap on the previous lesson, learn something new and, finally, something fun to finish.


The most important observation I made this week was that PATIENCE and MOVEMENT is key when working with primary-aged children. I was really impressed with the calm tone, patience and presence the session leader had – even when a child was not cooperating or they were struggling to understand what was being taught, such as which valve to press down for each note on a trumpet. 


On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I helped set up ensembles and mentored in the Hot Shots (Hot House’s youngest ensemble). I even had a go at leading the brain-gym in the warm-up! I thoroughly enjoyed helping the students have a go at all the songs I used to play when I was younger and in the band.

Although I already play in many Hot House ensembles; such as Caliente and Big Band, this week, I was able to experience the Pro Jazz Academy (check out their latest single ‘MR’ on Spotify: Hot House Jazz | Spotify) which I will be starting in September. 


On Friday morning I attended a business networking meeting with Jon, where I was given the opportunity to talk to different people about their jobs and how they networked in order to grow their business, as well as tell people about myself. Not only was this a really interesting and insightful experience, it allowed me to be confident and build on my people skills which is needed in whatever career I decide to do.  


Finally, Friday evening was the big band and jam end of term #concert! This was great to play in, but also fun to learn about how to set up the stage and refreshment area ready for a concert. My final job as a work experience student was to entertain the audience and conduct ‘Poker Face’ by #LadyGaga – this built my confidence when talking in front of a crowd. 


Overall, this week has been an amazing experience which has allowed me to see what goes on day to day for each apprentice and staff member, as well as explore the different pathways into a teaching career that I am working towards. My favourite part of this week has been getting to visit a range of primary schools and meet lots of new people who were all very warm and welcoming to me, students and staff members alike. Another part of the week I really enjoyed was getting to talk to a crowd of people and conduct Jam Band in their concert on Friday evening.


The whole of this week has been a very valuable experience for me, and I am grateful to the whole Hot House team for making this such an inspiring experience 😊


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