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At Hot House Music, we’ve had a super exciting month packed with news about our Independence Day (July 4th) Tour to New York next year!  

(Limited spaces still available, for more information contact 

To celebrate this incredible tour and National Share a Story Month, #hhapprentices #hhmack and #hhtom are sharing some of their favourite tour memories in this blog. As alumni of Hot House and now apprentices, Mack and Tom have both had experience on Tour as students and will be embarking on their next as staff! 

Mack's Tour Story

“Favourite tour memories are always a topic that is bought up in person and on our podcasts (If you haven’t already, go and listen to our TRIBE Podcast For me there are so many to choose from and each tour has its own favourite memory. From singing at the top of our lungs to Whitney [Houston] at midnight, to playing on the Videopolis Stage (the same one where they performed The Lion King!) at Disneyland Paris.  

Before becoming a member of staff, I had been on four tours as a student, with 2019 being the busiest year for me, where I went to France not once but three times! Each of these French Tours was unique and by far my favourite one was the Lyon tour to visit the Conservatoire in June of that year. The group I went on tour with were lovely and a couple of them got the opportunity to have a master class with Jean Denis Michat (one of the top saxophonists in France).  

However, for the memories that really stick out for me is playing in the streets of Lyon, walking around and entertaining people. I honestly couldn’t tell you how far I had walked that day, but it felt like we had walked across the whole of the city! Playing live music in the streets is a unique experience for you as the musician, but also for the people you are playing to. I remember we would just sit down with people whilst they were enjoying a meal, and have people start dancing around us and requesting popular songs such as Dynamite and Black Magic (both of which are Saxophonix staples). 

Tour is one of those moments that happen both in slow motion and in fast forward, it’s a weird thing to explain, but I will forever cherish my tour memories and am forever grateful for the opportunities.” 

Tom's Tour Story

“In late October 2018, I was lucky enough to be a part of the #coast2coast USA tour with the Screaming Kicks Big Band #SKBB. This included stops in Boston, New Orleans and San Francisco – all awesomely unique places that I could write about all day, however I’ll focus on the time in New Orleans for this blog. Although this was the place I was most unsure and unknowledgeable about, I also felt a deep appreciation and excitement to visit the birthplace of Jazz. Coming into the French Quarter where we were staying, the energy and distinctive NOLA feel hit straight away. Endless live music, dancing, and tropical weather was a dream combination for the band and led to some incredible performances on the streets – even on our first night after just arriving! 

One of my proudest moments of tour, and proudest moments for my own personal development happened in ‘Snug Harbour’ jazz club a few nights into our stay ( This is the first time I had ever been in a jazz club, so hearing the New Orleans quality live was inspiring and incredible. Charmaine Neville, an incredible vocalist, and the house band that were performing were kind enough to let some of us perform on stage with them. Being so nervous to be up on stage, the song went like a blur but the memory and feeling of being up there was something I’ll remember forever (especially knowing I have chosen not to pursue a purely musical career so stage opportunities like that won’t come often if ever again). This was ultimately a confidence defining moment leading me to fall in love with music further. Moments like that and the tour as a whole led to significant momentum in my musical progress and confidence throughout 2019. It brought the whole band close together, making me and many others to be much more sociable in and out of ensemble sessions. 

I believe tours are all about those ‘life moments’ that leave a lasting impact on you. To come from Derby and travel to breath-taking places, have an awesome time with the band, play in incredible venues, meet incredible people and have those surreal ‘life moments’ is invaluable. I cannot recommend a tour enough.” 

Tours are a part of what make us at Hot House Music unique and being unable to provide our students with these opportunities over the past year has felt very strange. We are super excited about our Independence Day tour to New York and possible future visits to Lyon and the BG France Factory. 

Would you like to find out more about our Independence Day Tour?  


Call: 03303 200 880 today! 

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